Previse Critical, the error business error worlds [trade mark]. Firm-grounded-original for business/govmts/individuals/earth.

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Location: Star System (in 'a' sun orbit)
*) 'Fact': need proof (?). We operate in/from Universal time.
*) Previse Critical are (here) web based from a known Planet, thereabouts.
*) Physically, I/we/human, are also based-in approximately:
*) England/Scotland/Europe/World/Earth of that/this Star System.

Relatively cheap: [GBP] £497000000

Field(s) f) Economies, f) Housing, f) Health, f) Sports, f) Banking-Financing. f) Politics' Law/Gov

Email us to redeem

CODE: 2024incl

Part of our 'most expensive offers' (, uk gov'm'ts' 'virus'' 2020/2021 costs, ~420BN). Carefully developed for release (use). The exact price and terms of payment can be negotiated and we can supply rapidly to benefit these fields. Buyers may or not be and/ors of a very large organization(s), broader vested interests/vision(s) market(s) or governments. They lack 'something(s)' that our intended/designed offers meet immediately in scale.

Products and Services
Previse Critical, the error business error worlds ™

If this is a first visit our business' name sets our scope of supply. And for buying on a projects, daily, urgent, monthly, products, services, contracts, or any agreed purchasing basis/bases. And/or invest/finance. To see a powerful demonstration take external reading(s) before we start doing work, publicly publishing, release work/offer(s).
Areas of Service
Local-Worldwide-Space. Example, as in 'the' Solar System where machines and humans go, are some of our scopes of supply, business' offers, sales-purchasing available towards your aims. And our most expensive offers are still alive yet set/held boxed with 'expiry date in the past' [caution] to show working; Ahead in offers' areas across yrs that eg collaborators in economic monopolies exploit/ed.
Opening Hours
Business/Work available 24 hrs, everyday within reason. Please telephone or text message if urgent. Please provide business or organization (or help bona fides) to help establish non-hoax and actual-real-doing-entity contacting us as say a potential client, customer, business partner, investor, financier, private backer, official or goverment organisation, or so-on type business communication.
Payment Methods
1. Only as notified by GB/UK based owner/founder D.B.Barrie
2. https:// & eg https://
3. Agree our work scope and detail
4. Ask for an invoice for a payment claimed due
5. Payments end in the U.K., England or Scotland
6. CAUTION supplying any money/credit to others, that is AVOID people, businesses, governments, types making false claims, of or to, our/his supply/work.
Previse Critical, the error business error worlds (trade mark).

Do uniquely sell that, using skill, broad experience for entry into any field of human business, industry, government, and human and/or machine work

Offers go to 'you' as individuals, groups, organizations, and/or investors and/or financiers. Approach us/me, do not ('don't') use 2nd, 3rd, xth parties to verify/validate an original.
Previse Critical, the error business error worlds (tm) is 'the' business that proved (public 'test') to human(ity) from Earth before year 2019 (counted that way), humans (populations) aren't independently able from Earth to verify Man or Man-made objects exist on the moon 'planet' in plain view.

'So', do business here, spend large with us, get in touch and we'll both work from 'there'.
More Information
'minimum' years of experience
2010/2011 ; 2012 ; 2013 ; 2014 ; 2015 ; 2016 ; 2017 ; 2018 ; 2019 ; 2020 ; 2021; 2022 ; 2023 ; 2024 ...

Previse Critical, the error business error worlds ™
Our/my Copy Rights, Intellectual Property Rights & Other Rights Retained.

Web browsing/visits 'cookies/tracking' are '3rd party or more' [not us]. Consider accept/reject and/or delete/flush them; example, use your web 'browser' options/settings.

'icons' and 'share' links on page foot of the this web page, and "vCard" download, are unauthorised. Not this business'.
rgrds: relatively cheap GBP 497M
Prices of our most expensive offer(s) [section box above] originated 2010/2011 as £1M 'becos' a newbie business. We experimented in various economies' fields and our insights/details grew. Each year evidence repeatly showed wasting/stealing eg of gb/uk govmts' expenditures [lubricated by eg politics-taxation-lending- monopolies-lobbying-govmt [mal]admin'.]. Means-ends targeting billions of GBPs.

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