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Previse Critical can be contacted Monday to Sunday inclusive, 24 hours a day, within reason and for buying on a:
projects, daily, monthly, products, services, contracts, or any purchasing negotiated bases and agreements, worldwide.
If this is a first visit we set-out offers for buyers, for investors and for finance. Our scope of supply also includes economies.
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Main gb/uk standard mobile telephone number ('landline') is 0782 5555 186. An international call to us may (not always) be dialed 0044 782 5555 186. Refer to your country for +44 requirements. Our backup contact details provides further information.
backup-contact-details. Mains' redundancy/outage/fallover issues. Optional telephone number (network) and email address(es) (network).
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main gb/uk website(s) [note 11 Oct 2016 see website above]
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In the first instance read/refer to "1" below ;
1 (ref. section):
If dealing with us an invoice is supplied as a request for payment for work with payment to a GB/UK based bank account.
Buyers, payers, can use terms as agreed between us in writing.

This business is Previse Critical, the error business error worlds (tm) and we can deal with enquiries and provide our offers in a number of different ways (business forms). Examples: as an individual, as a company, or in other business explorations.

The company is Previse Critical Limited registered address only: 88-90 Hatton Garden, unit-office 36, Holborn, London, (postcode) EC1N 8PN, GB/UK, Europe. GB/UK registered company number 08218672.

Caution: Companies House official GB/UK companies database recently has added other company name(s) using the name form Previse ..?... Those companies are not (aren't) us, potential buyers, investors and financials beware. Note well, fraudulent e-mails sent to us are logged fraudulent incoming e-mails: emails claiming to be our own e-mail address duping the internet's e-mail design and implement infrastructure systems, e-mail clients, and so on (using for example false e-mail headers); Fraudulent invoices received and
emails claiming to be from accounts depts. and so on. Stop/cease.
Supply for the locality, the Worldwide to Space; Within or across any discipline, field or industry etcetera. Contact us to buy.

We have not authorised or approved advertising against our sites or content. Contact us on our wider Previse Critical offers involving for example, advertising your quality, goods, wares, and so on. Please note the 'download vcard link' showing on our dot tel sites is outwith our control / removal. If our websites request cookies these can be refused.

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